Respect the individual

Our philosophy of lending is based on a respect for every individual’s innate human ingenuity, drive, and self-esteem. We believe it’s these qualities that make people creditworthy, not the collateral which traditional banks demand. By providing access to capital, SPBD allows women and their families to pursue their dreams and achieve their full potential. We provide the opportunities to empower the poorest members of society to make significant improvements in their lives.

Four key ingredients


We primarily work with women who aspire to be micro-entrepreneurs and launch income-generating businesses and women who want to grow, expand and scale their existing business.


Our services are all extraordinarily convenient and accessible to our clients. Each week we provide meetings in nearly 2,000 different villages across the South Pacific. This is where our clients receive their full bundle of services.


Our products and services include:

  • An unsecured micro-enterprise development loan to help them launch or grow their microenterprises
  • Small business training
  • Financial literacy education
  • A savings account to build assets and have a rainy-day fund
  • Basic death benefits for themselves and their spouse


We scale our impact once the member’s business is up and running by providing access to finance for housing improvements and childhood education. This allows us to impact the healthiness of a family’s home and set a better foundation for the next generation.

Help us build their better future

Talk to us today about ways you can provide funding, get involved, or share their stories with the world.