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Solutions designed for the real-world needs of hard-working Pacific Island women

Since our inception, our clients have benefited from more than 321,000 microloans totaling more than US$272M to over 110,000. Each year we set a new annual record in terms of what we have achieved. These days in terms of loan disbursements and saving deposits we accomplish in 12 months what took us 10 years to complete in the beginning.

Of course, SPBD could not have achieved any of these life-changing impacts without the generous and sustained support of our lenders and benefactors. We are immensely grateful for the enduring financial support and guidance provided to us. In Samoan we say, “Fa’afetai tele lava” – thank you so very much!

A bold plan for the future

You can help us bring our bold ambitions for the future to the communities we serve; in fact, our most significant growth is still ahead of us. There are new countries, new islands, and thousands of new villages to serve throughout the region. We also plan to roll out more helpful products and services to enable our members to scale. Embracing new technology will be one of the catalysts to help drive us forward over the next decade. And so, the future is bright for SPBD Microfinance, and most importantly, for the women micro-entrepreneurs of the South Pacific.

Ways to Get Involved

Individual / Institutional Loans

Since 2000, we’ve worked closely with institutions and individuals to structure loans that benefit both parties (varied size, maturity, and interest). We also offer the opportunity to invest directly through our holding company SPBD Microfinance Holdings (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., allowing investors to mitigate some of the unique risk involved with investing capital in individual MFIs. Or investors can provide direct investments in our individual MFIs.

Institutional Grants

SPBD welcomes interest from institutions who would like to provide grants. We have broad experience working closely with large institutions from around the world in structuring grants that are beneficial to both parties’ goals and mission.

Please contact Gregory F. Casagrande for more detailed information.

Individual Giving

Whether you’re an individual, a family office, or a corporation, your donation can make an impact on the lives of women, children, their families, and entire communities in the South Pacific. Learn more and donate through our sister nonprofit, The MicroDreams Foundation.

Press and speaking opportunities

Invite one of our microfinance experts to speak at your next event or make a press inquiry for a quote or story.

Students and Universities

SPBD works with some of the top universities and business schools, including Yale University, Harvard Law School, Oxford University, Colgate University, University of Auckland and INSEAD. Students work on projects such as due diligence in new markets, new product development, and marketing.

Village leaders

Before we start a program in a new village, SPBD staff meets with village leaders about the purpose and processes of our program. If interested, please contact SPBD, and we will make a full presentation (also called a Preliminary Meeting) in your village to those who are interested.

What difference will my donation make?


 Covers the education of four
children for one year


Can finance one micro-
enterprise business in
perpetuity and change the
lives of a family of 7


Pays the monthly salary for
an SPBD manager who
services over 400 members


Sponsors five micro-
enterprise businesses and
have a village-wide impact


Can help launch a new village
wide micro-enterprise

Donate to our sister-organization MicroDreams.
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The MicroDreams Foundation New Zealand Humanitarian Trust is a registered charitable entity (Charity Registration: CC52185 and IRD number: 124-623-472).

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