Financial inclusion in the South Pacific

SPBD is a solution to financial inclusion, not a band-aid. That’s because we offer women a hand up, not a handout. Our philosophy of lending is based on a respect for every individual’s innate human ingenuity, drive, and self-esteem. It’s these qualities that make people creditworthy, not the collateral which traditional banks demand. By providing access to capital, SPBD allows women and their families to pursue their dreams and achieve their full potential. We provide the opportunities to empower the poorest members of society to make significant improvements in their lives.

Highly effective

SPBD’s teams improve the quality of life of underprivileged families by providing them meaningful economic opportunities to help lift them permanently out of poverty. We are focused on empowering women to start, grow, and maintain micro-businesses through the provision of access to financial and business development services as well as the opportunity to build assets, improve financial security, and finance housing improvements and education. We directly empower women to work their way up and permanently out of poverty—for their benefit and the benefit of their entire family.

Highly efficient and sustainable

We lend money to women micro-entrepreneurs. Ultimately, they will pay us back. And, when the women repay their loans, we can then give out another loan to another woman micro-entrepreneur to help her with her business, basic housing improvements, or her children’s education. One loan is revolved over and over again.

Serving markets nobody else can

We work in unserved and underserved markets, where there are no other high-quality providers of microfinance solutions. In the South Pacific, there is a lot of need, yet very little meaningful economic opportunity—especially for poor, rural women. We address that unmet need and provide access to capital and other valued products and services.

Help us build their better future

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