SPBD is a network of microfinance organizations working in Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and the Solomon Islands dedicated to eradicating poverty by empowering women in poor rural villages with the opportunity to start, grow and maintain sustainable, income generating micro-enterprises.

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At SPBD we like to focus on the 5 main constituents of our success: our investors, our partners, the media, village leaders, and students. We seek out our stakeholders for help in overcoming many of our challenges

We seek out stakeholders to overcome the following challenges

  1. Accessing financing both locally and internationally
  2. Finding executive management members to help SPBD expand in the field and at HQ in the USA
  3. Finding qualified technical partners in the Pacific region with whom to collaborate
  4. Spreading the word about poverty and social issues in the Pacific and how SPBD contributes to solving some of the most pressing issues in the region
  5. Helping SPBD understand its members better so as to provide more value to every member, village and community we work in

With the creation of SPBD Microfinance Holdings (Singapore) Pte Ltd we expect to help 50,000 poor Pacific islanders lift themselves out of poverty, which could impact another 300,000 immediate family members in the region.

Why Support SPBD?

  1. There is a large need for economic development as most of the South Pacific population lives in rural poverty.
  2. South-Pacific nations are small and remote. Economic development experts have advised against working in small, remote, rural, and tribal areas because it is too costly and lacks scale.
  3. SPBD has overcome all these challenges and is the most successful microfinance organization in the South Pacific

Individual Giving

Charitable donations can be directed to SPBD via our United States and New Zealand based partner – The Microdreams Foundation.

  1. US and international donations may be made by tax-deductable check to Microdreams, 60 Park Place, Suite 2100, Newark, New Jersey 07102
  2. New Zealand donations may be made by tax-deductable check to Microdreams, P.O. Box 33541, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand
  3. Or donate online at MicroDreams.org

What difference will my donation make?

  • US$100 can cover the education of four children for one year
  • US$300 can finance one micro-enterprise business in perpetuity and change the lives of a family of 7
  • US$500 pays the monthly salary for an SPBD manager who services over 400 members
  • US$1,500 can sponsor five micro-enterprise businesses and have a village-wide impact
  • US$10,000 can help launch a new village wide micro-enterprise program

Institutional Grants

SPBD welcomes interest from institutions who would like to provide grants. We have broad experience working closely with large institutions from around the world in structuring grants that are beneficial to both parties’ goals and mission. Please contact Gregory F. Casagrande greg@spbdmicrofinance.com for more detailed information.

Individual and Institutional Loans

SPBD has been working closely with individuals and institutions for the past ten years in structuring different types of loans that benefit both parties’ goals. These loans have varied in size and maturity with different levels of interest rates. Please contact Gregory F. Casagrande greg@spbdmicrofinance.com for more detailed information.

Thank you for creating the opportunities that allow the poor we serve in the South Pacific to raise themselves up out of poverty.

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We've empowered over 60,000 women micro-entrepreneurs through micro-loans totaling US$61 million dollars in the islands of the South Pacific... and we've only just started.

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